Become an ICR XMAS presenter!

Have you ever wanted your own radio show but have never found an opportunity? Then we need to introduce you to ICR!

ICR – Ipswich Community Radio, is a not-for-profit community radio station in Ipswich. We have been on the air throughout the 1980’s, 1990’s and 2000’s in and around Ipswich on short-term licenses, showcasing local talents and providing original “off-the-high-street” content for the community of Ipswich to enjoy. In 2007, we were awarded a full-time FM license for 105.7fm and are still there to this day.

We are funded from the membership fees of our volunteers as well as income from local community events. We are not funded by any local council or public state broadcaster.

ICR is known locally as Ipswich’s alternative station, providing more genres and tastes then you can shake a stick at, bucket loads more variety than any other radio station in the UK.

ICR are not a pop music station specialist, in fact this genre is one we mostly avoid, as this genre is very well covered in public state broadcasting and commercial broadcasting, but at Christmas time, we break this rule on our ever-popular pop-up station, ICR XMAS.

ICR XMAS started in 2017 and was mostly by accident, but its success and year-on-year demand has grown and is ever popular in the Ipswich community, providing 24/7 access to Festive Hits.

This is where you come in; if you would like to have a go at broadcasting in a different way, we have an opportunity for you this Christmas, and it’s free!

ICR XMAS is a VoiceTrack station, this means there is no studio, and this is the exciting part, the studio is actually in your home! – If you would like to be a voice track presenter on ICR XMAS, you will need:

  • Spare time at least once a week
  • A Windows computer, running Windows 10 or above
  • A clear and high-quality microphone
  • An internet connection

The ICR XMAS voice track opportunity will give YOU your own show until December 31st 2021. You get to chose your slot, but it’s first come, first served. You must follow some basic Ofcom training before broadcasting, this will be provided remotely for you.

How to get involved:

Email [email protected] and express your interest. No demo required, but feel free to send one in.

If you want to get involved with ICR for longer than just Christmas, or want to have your own FM radio show that you control, please email [email protected] instead and express interest in joining the station. We accept volunteers of all ages and abilities, on and off the air.

Please note: We do accept work experience students. We do not pay any of our volunteers as the radio station is a C.I.C – Community Interest Company and is not for profit. We are not established to make money.

Here is a video demonstrating the software you will be using to voice track into ICR XMAS:

ICR’s own demonstration
PlayIt’s Official Demonstration