MouthPiece is the brainchild of Ipswich musicians,
a co-operative of people that help and promote local music in and around the area.

This first came about in 1979, and went dormant! We are now re-vamping the concept, to
promote, to help organise. to give a platform, for all local musicians, venues, also, repairers/hire
companies/shops/studios/anyone that has an impact on local music! We will have live acts,
interviews, and the list of gig information! Yes we are the MouthPiece for the local music

Webby who is the self appointed chairperson, has been involved in the music industry since the
1960′s, so has a wealth of information and contacts, a drummer first, and compare poet,
comedian sometimes. but a staunch supporter of the local scene! Webby will bring a
lighthearted air to some serious problems within the local scene. With anecdotes
of years of performing around europe, and insights into some of the stars met on the way!

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  • Local Music

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  • Monday - 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm