Having a great love and passion for most kinds of music, I felt the need to share with “the outside world” some of my vast personal collection of music (Original vinyl records and CDs rather than this new fangled digital down loaded computer nonsense lol) which I have built up over the last 40 years + and especially from “The Mod and Scooter Scene” which I feel doesn’t get played nearly enough, on mainstream Radio!!! It's just my humble opinion, but I feel it was an absolute great era of Music to both listen to and, of course, dance to! I started having my very own “It’s a Mod Life Crisis” on ICR 105.7FM every Monday night, 8 to 9 o’clock, in February 2019. What great fun it has been and continues to be! The feedback from you the listeners that I continue to receive, is frankly quite unbelievable! You also really love this music - maybe nearly as much as me!!!! Okay - It’s Time to advertise the show if you haven’t “Tuned In” before...... Are you into the current Scooter Scene? Or Maybe rode a Lammy or Vespa back in the 60s/ 70s/ 80s? Perhaps you were a teenager when Ska or Two Tone ruled the dance floors? Or were you a Northern “All Nighter” at venues such as The Twisted Wheel, Golden Torch, Wigan Casino “Back In The Day?” If you were, you will love this Golden Hour of Music and Trivia from a Bygone Time. Trust Me! It really is just the Best Era of Music! I Dare You ! Ready Steady Go....! Take that Parka off, Chuck some Talc on the floor and get ready to Dance Dance Dance........ Trev - It’s A Way of Life - Keep The Faith